My Most HECTIC December

Yup, it is as it is titled. Even worse.

Celebrated my birthday by travelling to Kuantan (yupp, did celebrate it with my bosses the nite before – thanx Abang Alam and Encik Amir), which was quite full of pros + conts. Yeah, as how it went through before, did receive lots of SMS’s. Thanx guys.

Gone to Kuantan for BERANI JADI BOS (BJB) Audition. No.. no.. don’t tell me u don’t know what BJB is.. It’s like a JUNIOR APPRENTICE, the Astro Ceria team holding a reality show to look for their young bosses, who may contribute fresh ideas towards upgrading their content. Yupp, sounds interesting, isn’t it? Hahaha.. it’d better be.

From Kuantan, we went straight up north, to Penang for the last location of BJB audition(Divided into 2 teams – Team A to JB & KL, Team B to Pahang & Penang). Really had fun doing this show though. That was when this kid showed up.

The name is Elfira. Nurul Elfira Loy, 13. We (Farid, my colleague and I) had to babysit her for the whole week, from KL to Kuantan and to Penang. Hurm.. budak lagi weh, jangan nak ngada aa. 22 sebatan, 16 tahun penjara tau. Hehe. She’s cool. Penat gak melayan, but fun. Yupp, that’s a nice thing being the last kid of the family – you’ll enjoy treating the other kids more. HAHAH. And I bet she’ll turn up to be the hottest girl in 2-3 more years, no doubt. Remember the name kay. One day bila korang baca magazine or paper and ternampak nama dia, sure korang akan teringat entry aku ni. Mark my word.
Dah abih cerita interstitials, the worse part started – time for the real deal. 5 kids were chosen from all 4 locations, made it 20. These 20 young-bosses-to-be were so hard to deal with. Pheww.. One of the toughest-to-deal-with was this boy.

Nampak cam baik je kan? The name is Arfan, 8. Pheww.. so hard to tame laa this boy. Kejap dia lari. Kejap dia lompat. Kejap dia smackdown membe dia. Kejap dia pegi ngorat Elyana, kejap dia ngorat Farah Brip Brip. The best part was the singing. Perrghh.. sumer lagu rock kapak je yg kuar. Tahniah kat bapak dia. Heheh. Kagum sebab once dah suh dia start nyanyi, memang dia takkan stop sampai abis lagu. Siap dgn face expression lagik! And that made him everyone’s sweetheart. Sampai Farah dah ngaku budak ni future husband dia! Hahah. And loads of loads of things happened during this BJB thingy. (Gosh.. miss those kids already.. huhuu…)…

Semalam dah abis Finale, kat MMU Cyberjaya. Huhuu. According to Mimie and Tommy who were there, the show was quite fantastic, or as cited from Tommy’s quote – “Aku layan benda ni lagik dari AF5!”. Huhuu.. xdelah sampai cenggituh. Poyo jerk bunyi. Apapun, jangan lupa nengok benda nih ek. Interstitials punya episod on air 22hb ni kot, kalau tak silap. Finale dah confirm, 30hb. Channel 611, ASTRO Ceria. Untuk Kita Aje. Hehe.. promote…
And now, after a month struggling with all these BJB thingy. I am back on my Trek. Thought leh rilek², but NOPE.. time to get back to work actually – holiday is over. Selamat tinggal kanak-kanak rebina suma. Gua dah kena sambung keja gua yang gua tinggal dekat sebulan nih. Huhuu.
Plus, next week kena relief untuk Shazwin lak, dia nak cuti. Aku nengok Abang AC tu cam stok makan orang je, ngeri semacam je nak keja ngan dia. And there’ll be no Raya Haji for me, sebab 21hb nak cover Edry Hashim lak. Followed then by New Boyz (dunno whose idea is this – sounds so brrrrweeee. But takpe, bak kata Alam – never assume. Bagi chance. Heheh) on the 27th, and Benjy on the day after.
And then, going to KK to cover Farish si budak jahat on January the 4th. To Penang for AF audition two weeks after that, and back to my Cat City pulak seminggu lepas tu. Huhuu. Bila yang aku nak cuti wehh!!
Takpelah. Macam yang Tommy kata, aku memang enjoy kerja aku skang nih. Terima kasih, datang lagi. Sekian.
I believe the children are our future
teach them well and let them lead the way
show them all the beauty they possess inside
give them a sense of pride to make it easier
let the children’s laughter
remind us how we used to be
Everybody searching for a hero
people need someone to look up to
I never found anyone to fulfill my needs
a lonely place to be
so I learned to depend on me
I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows
if I fail, if I succeed, at least I live as I believe
no matter what they take from me
they can’t take away my dignity
because the greatest love of all
is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all inside of me
The greatest love of all is easy to achieve
learning to love yourself
is the greatest love of all…
:::::credits to whitney houston:::::

4 thoughts on “My Most HECTIC December

  1. yeah!!Elfira…tak yah tggu 2 or 3 years…skrg pun dah nampak die nyer talent…baru pas tgk cerekarama yg die berlakon as Rina…pergh!! mantap…shes look like umie aida ..hehehe!!

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