Began my day as I usually did.. No anger.. no frustration.. just plain shiny day.

But the atmosphere changed when it reached the mid day. I’ve got pissed off by someone.. for real. Don’t wanna talk about that, but I’m surely gonna do somethin bout it. Just u wait.

And then came the evening. Another person (don’t know which is most suitable description for that person – stupid, or care less, or care free, or dumb etc.) made me mad. Aiyoo.. maybe it’s the World Piss-Off Day kot. Sume org cam cuba menyakitkan hati org laen. Macam lumba² lak.

Ahhh.. scrap those stupidities off. I need a good mood – the best of me, actually. Cos I’ll need my good brain to be used in JB later tomorrow. Banyak yang aku rasa nak buat. Harap²nya aku tak terlupa or tertinggal masa nak susun content malam ni. *sigh…

Here comes the good thing. One little good thing which always makes me feel good when thinking about ‘it’, or dealing with ‘it’. And ‘the good thing’ has a name, thankfully.

The name is Sitie Hajar Othman. She is my best-bud-ever. Why? Coz she always comforts me, and does still.. since ages. Never disappoints me. Never makes me mad (as the mentioned ones, above). She’s not dumb, by the way. Not the kind who always nods, even if she’s not okay with something. She frequently disagrees. Always opposes me when she feels like to. We fight all the time. But she remains my best-bus ever. Coz she’s always there for me, rain or shine. Cold or warm. Nite or day. Spring or falls. Don’t ask me how she did it, but she’s just there, anyhow.. magically. And I thank god for furnishing me with this little good magic thing.

Tomorrow (or after 0000hrs tonite, precisely) will be her 24th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY. Would she be wiser? Hope so. Would she be more matured? Pray so. Would she grow bigger or taller? Cross my fingers. I’ll just keep hoping and praying for her best. Always.

I’ll always be there for u, Itie.. as how u are always there for me. Selamat Hari Jadi, BUDAK

p/s : we’ll meet later next week kay.. u’ll get ur birthday present, and a punch for sure. (‘-^)


Tak mudah untuk kita hadapi
perbedaan yang berarti
tak mudah untuk kita lewati
rintangan silih berganti

Kau masih berdiri
kita masih di sini
tunjukkan pada dunia
arti sahabat

Kau teman sejati
kita teman sejati
hadapilan dunia
genggam tanganku

Tak mudah untuk kita sadari
saling mendengarkan hati
tak mudah untuk kita pahami
berbagi rasa di hati

Kau adalah..
tempatku membagi kisahku
kau sempurna
jadi bagian hidupku
apapun kekuranganmu…

:::::::::::::::::tribute to nidji::::::::::::::::


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