Malaysian vs Dutch

Today i’v decided to write on something useful. If not useful for everyone, at least it’ll be useful enough for me. Hurmm..

Every here and there, people are talkin about this one Dutch guy – named Geert Wilders and his so called materpiece titled Fitna, which had offended every single heart of Muslims, all over the world.

And I guess every single one of us with a ‘bin’ or ‘binti’ amongst our names should adhere the urge to boycott all products produced or distributed by any Dutch-origin companies.

Yeah.. we should boycott them all.. we really should. In fact, we should boycott anythin from the other allyin-countries to them as well. There’s nothin to lose, kan?

Our vehicles will be running still with Petronas.. We have Singer and National TVs (err dah ada ke LCD TV or Plasma brand National?) to watch our very own Akademi Fantasia.. who needs Phillips? We can also breastfeed every one of our kids, or just give them susu lembu or unta (our Nabi pun minum susu unta kay.. masa tu takde Dutch Lady kay.. any argument?). Everything. Everything should be local. Or at least, Asian. Agreed? Good. Alhamdulillah.

Who said we’ll die without their products? Blah laa.. kitorang tak yah makan or pakai barang korang la nak idup – orang Belanda mulut busuk!

Eh.. suddenly aku terfikir – this means I should get rid of parts of my DNA also! Shit.

p/s : Think. Act. Judge. Re-act.


2 thoughts on “Malaysian vs Dutch

  1. QUOTE: this means I should get rid of parts of my DNA also! Shit.– ha-ha!QUOTE lg: Everything should be local.– no more nike shoes or sandals, or t-shirt etc. huh?gud lucksssssss!xtra s 4 xtra luck =)

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