PAYnfully Paid.

Not sure whether someone is just being a bit not-so-careful, or just trying too-hard to be sarcastically funny (dude, the audition for Raja Lawak 4 had long finished laa!) – but the latest fact i’ve learned is my pay had just been issued, under someone else’s paycheck on that someone’s name! Ha. Ha. Ha. Well, this is all I can do – join the parade by laughing, also sarcastically. At whom? ME lah, whoelse? Ha. Ha. Ha.

Lucky enough, that someone (the latter, with the paycheck of course; not the sarcastic one.. durhh!) happens to a close friend. The willing-to-share-white-and-dark-daily-stories type of close. Pheww. Imagine IF that someone happens to be some frustrated psycho, who’s been prompting to kill anywho from the finance side with a murderous cynical grin – do you think he/she will ever spare me (money, as well as life-wise)? Ha. Ha. Ha. (Remember, SARCASTICALLY) Syukurlah, Jojoe.. dapat jugak gaji. Kan?

Hmm.. ya ya ya. Alhamdulillah. Maybe fate saw how tiring and full of preasure my daily routines are – so it decided to cheer me up a bit with a tiny piece of  joke like this one. Kan. Kan. Ha. Ha. Ha. (Good) Let’s laugh, ‘yo Mr Fate bro. Why sit so stiff?

Owh.. haven’t started my regular peaceful-yet-hectic Tuesday night just yet. Am chilling myself by browsing thru my two si-fus’ writings. Glad to know that they both are doing just ok. Learned a lot (and I do mean A LOT) from them just through these 2 years since I first met and knew them. About writings, plus things that are written. Seeing them being normal (one still being cynical in his blog as always, while the other one still tells as wonderful as a story could possibly be) has strengthened my belief that the amazing world of journalism is still very much alive. Who are they. Or who they are? Will be told later, in some other edition at some other time. Just be patient for that, and stay sarcastic. Heh.

Well.. hail to both of them. Yeah.


Di sini ku berada
di sini ku tetap jua
dari dulu ku menanti
dari mula dan kini
mimpiku.. impianku
harapan dan keinginanku membara selalu..

Dan tak dapatkah kau merasakannya
kehangatan dan sucinya cinta ini
agak sukar bagiku
untuk meluahkannya
dari dulu ku menanti
dari mula dan kini..

Bukan itu bukan ini
hanya engkau sentiasa di hati
bukan itu bukan ini
yang ku ingin hanya segalanya
dirimu kasih…

..credits to zainal alam kadir.


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