taking chance

Finally I encounter the guts (or to make it lighter, ‘the mood’) to write again.. after WEEKS. Huh. Really do admire those people whose ideas (or adrenaline) just can’t stop flowing, allowing them to keep on spontaneously writing every single day of their lives. Heh.

This entry may start with last weekend’s trip to Penang, on my fiance’s birthday. It was such a real relief to see how much she loved it, though her flu disabled her to taste the food well. And the reunion’s meeting on Saturday was good also. It was much better knowing that every plan is going to really happen.

And then, it was Sunday – the wedding day of a good friend of mine. A girl. A twisted-minded girl. Hehe. The name is Maziah Selamat, wedded to a guy named Rafiuddin, whom she knew somewhere in 2006. I can still recall the day when she MMSed me his pic, and asked for my advice. And I was like – ” Hmm.. ok je. Dia ada Friendster tak, aku nak tengok?“.. and after scanning thru his Friendster, I was like “Erm.. tu BMW dia ek? Ok, lulus!” Hehe.. whoever thinks materialism only involves girls – think again! (Joking jer oii). So nearly 4 years later, there they were, nicely suited in a pair of beautiful red-coloured wedding dresses.

Nothing extra-ordinary about the wedding, really, but somehow it turned out to be just merry. Maybe the best part was the part that me and my long-lost duet partner, Amy Admiena (daughter of evergreen golden-voiced star, Norshila Amin, who actually introduced the bride and groom), finally got a chance of reunion via 2 songs (one chosen by us, and one requested by the deejay). With other line-ups like Aliff Azfar, Rima Rashidi, Siti Hajar, vokal instructor cum senior of ours Mimie, the karaoke session became nothing less than a mini concert! Hehe. Plus some traditional toll-paying rituals, and the delicious food (which catered by none other than Puan Siti Hajar, the best vocal instructor in the nation) – it went on just perfect.

Rite after the ceremony, my fiance, my sister and I went to Sunway to watch The Dolphins and Sea Lions Show, which happened to be staged for the last day here. Amusing, I might say – and also quite dramatic when both the dolphins refused to perform soem tricks – which according to the officials was a result of them being “too sad to leave Malaysia“. Huhuu comel.

The week went on with (fascinating, I might say) meetings, workings, eatings and datings, as usual. Hehe. And then came Wednesday, when my former boss Mr Amir Hafizi called and asked whether I was free to take him to a dental clinic in Sri Petaling on the following dat. Well, I happened to be free on that Thursday, so off I went to 32 Square, picked him up at his office, went to Sri Petaling. Waited for like an hour there, but just to get to know that the fillings could not be done for some reasons. Poor him. Better luck next time, boss! Hehe.

After sending him home, I drove back to Equine Park to pick up my fiance, and off we went to Alamanda, with the intention to buy some toiletteries and hope to see some movies (well, last week’s no-movie-premiere is really killing us) – but only to experience a full-house! Huh! Ok, changed our plan, and went to Jln Cheras’s OldTown for dinner. Well, you’ll be as delighted as we were to see how complete the OldTown is – with ATM machines and even handphones-charging slots. And the counter even offers some photocopying, florist and some other extra services kay! It suits their tagline perfectly – “More Reasons For You.. To Take Your Time“.

Later, I was driving back home, alone. Just as I was reaching home, another former boss of mine, Mr. Zainal Alam Kadir, called and asked, “Would you like to test your vocal chord? Meet me up at the ReadBox Plus, Pavillion, now!“.. Wakaka.. so only 3 hours later I finally had the  chance to meet back up with my ‘fellow pillows and bed’ friends. Hehe.

All these beautiful things, are the things that keep providing me courage to keep on living, and always be ready to take chance to live this beautiful life. And believe me, similarly beautiful things keep on happening to me (which I am so surely thankful for, of course). Is it a spark from what to be happening in the near future? Jeng jeng jeng…


You remind me
I live in a shell
safe from the past
and doin’ okay but not very well..

No jolts, no surprises
no crisis arises
my life goes along
as it should
it’s all very nice, not very good..

And I’m ready to take a chance again
ready to put my love on the line with you
been livin’ with nothing for show for it
you get what you get when you go for it
and I’m ready to take a chance again with you..

When she left me
in all my despair
I just held on
my hopes were all gone
then I found you there..

And I’m ready to take a chance again
ready to put my love on the line with you
been livin’ with nothing for show for it
you get what you get when you go for it
and I’m ready to take a chance again with you…

..credits to barry manilow.


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