Tujuh Belas

Masa aku tulis ni, aku tengah parah merindu. Rindukan seseorang yang kutinggalkan dalam keterpaksaan, beribu batu. Seseorang yang aku sayangi dan cintai sepenuh jiwa yang termampu, yang telah kujanjikan hidup dan mati insaniku. Dalam menanggung rindu yang teramat ni, aku teringatkan suatu janji, yang sebenarnya telah lebih setahun aku lupai. Maafkan kite, my dear, sekarang ni baru sempat tunaikan.

Ada masa dan kalanya, aku amat petah berbicara. Adakalanya, bisu aku menerpa, membuatkan lidahku kelu dan lisanku beku. Dan ada pula masa kalanya, aku hanya mampu berbicara dalam bahasa kedua. Huhuu. What a hopeless romantic I am, I know. Gagal sungguh. But anyways, here it goes – 17 sebab kenapa aku cinta, rindu, kasih dan sayangkan DIA.

1. Beautiful, in and out. And the fact that she respects my right as the only one eligible and legal guy to see most of it (especially the most beautiful long hair) makes the beauty even more precious and priceless.

2. The way she presents herself all the time; the way she dresses up, moves, talks, walks, sulks or even cries, never fails to please me. At all time and all cause.

3. Just never changes much (apart from evolving positively), no matter how I grow or what i’ve achieved, since i first knew her three years ago (when my pay is just half of what I earn today) until now.

4. Pure heartthrob; knows just how to win everyone’s heart quite instantly (most importantly, my family).

5. Never complaints about any uneasy side of me. Accepts me as I am.

6. Never dislikes me for being any less nor lack (or fat).

7. Always understands and never stops learning to continue to understand.

8. Never been thrifty or cares too much about spending, but still manages things pretty much wisely; makes the best treasurer, the most perfect trustee for me.

9. Admires any style I am in – long hair, short hair, sporty, smart, casual, formal, traditional; just never gets bored of me.

10. Always able to read my mind; to the extend that her message reaches me before i can even press the button ‘send’, plus zillions more of stupid yet true coincidences.

11. Stays with me through every high and low, be it fast or any slow, on annoying bumps and in smooth flow.

12. Never gets tired of being my number one fan and biggest supporter in whatever i am participating in (especially when listening to this grumpy-old-man singing nor talking nor mumbling); with books of words of wisdom, eveready in hand whenever needed.

13. Shares my whole life; be it music, movies, novels, nets, games, sports, coffee-drinking, work, politics and zillions more things looping in the list (including ‘girls-sight-seeing’).

14. Jealousy still, yet highly reasonably; always knows to differ between rights and wrongs.

15. Always be fully patient with me, even at times when I’m not at the same level of passion as she is.

16. Preserving and trustworthy to my secrets, honour and dignity.

17. Always loved me, loves me, and will always love me for who I am, where I go, what I do, or how I am doing.

Hmm.. itulah dia. 17 sebab. Sepertimana sebenarnya yang disyaratkan oleh ayah DIA sebelum kami diikat dengan tali pertunangan, lebih 14 bulan nan lampau. Bukan aku tak dapat mencari kesemua 17 sebab tu, tapi tak termampu untuk aku shortlistkan, apatah lagi dirungkaikan dalam apa jua aksara. Ini pun dah sehabis daya, harapnya dapatlah diterima. Huhuu.

Owh.. kenapa 17? Hehe.. sebab 17 tu yang wajib, yang mesti semua orang ada. Selebihnya tu, simpan sendiriĀ² sajalah kan. Takut kosong pulak jadinya. Peace…


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