Everyone is talking about our newly presented National Budget of 2011. On Facebook, Twitter, papers, blogs – everywhere. Haha.

Well well well.. I’ve been following it since I first knew Math. That time, kids my age were busy digging up the cesspools, looking for Guppies and things. It’s been years since I last caring about it. Not out of boredom, but just pure business. BUZY-ness, I mean. Just too occupied to care. Haha such a pathetic citizen I am, right? And suddenly 15 years later, now, they have all become specialists on it. Magical indeed, huh?

It’s such a wonder, how sensitive our people has become nowadays. Can’t help but wondering, what on earth did trigger such a beautiful phenomenon. Some are able to see it from a positive point and say our people are gettin smarter and smarter, while some.. hurm.. entah. Nothing seems right for them, ever. So mind them. Never waste your time bothering about them. Let them just get busy with themselves, and their pathetic sick mind, and their miserable ways of thinking.

Awh man.. we just can’t not talk about them, can we? URRGHHHH!!! Ok ok. A few paras won’t hurt, will it? Hurmm.. here goes.

Some argue about how this time’s budget not really full-covering. Some  say how it hasn’t been really helpful to the poors. Hurm.

Well.. we can never satisfy everyone, people. And that Belanjawan is not meant to satisfy. It is just to help. To ease. To enlighten. To push a bit, before those lil owls can really fly. Haha funny huh, when realising that those lil owls are actually US! Poor us.. huhuu…

Another thing is, they just can’t stop talking about the pasts. How successful we were, how united we were – ok, fine with me; coz that shows how strong we were, and the quality we used to possess. But when it always lingers around negative things about how this man did this thing to these people, or how that amount of money was wasted on those irrelevant projects and all, again and again – I’ve just had enough! Mengungkit je kerja ko kan, so-called anak jati! So you wanna talk about history huh? Ok, let’s.

Remember the famous folklore of ours? Alah.. the one about how great we used to be? Ha, ingat pun. How we used to conquer this whole holy land of Nusantara. How our glory had brought such an unmeasurable fear to those stupid west people (yah, some of them were my ancestors, but that century-old of story is not the point here).. so fearful that they decided to come and conquer us. Remember?

Nahh.. now, if we are so used to that story, about our strength and all – then why should we be afraid of not being fed to? Why are we even staggering, just by knowing that the spoons are all gone now? WHY?

Now that’s a question. For you, for ME, for THEM, for US. WHY?

This thing has been haunting me, since this one conversation on that exact topic, which I had with a couple of my friends last couple of days. How things have terribly changed these days. How fate just turned its face against us. Owh, again. WHY? Did we do anything wrong? How bad did we behave, that we deserve to be punished this bad? Is it a Karma all in all?

Hahaha. Again, HAHAHA. Revisit the history of Australia. Of the States. Of Spain. How did it all start? Yup yup. Then, check back the folklore. Rings THE bell?

So whenever you hear them complaint about how things were so good or bad in the pasts, tell them to revisit all of these folklores before and think again. Well, why on earth do we deserve anything at all, anyways?

Haih.. anak kecil main api. Silap silap lagu tu pun diorang tak tau, dan tak penah tau. HAUHUAHUA.


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