Nak Nyanyi!

My latest craze (okay that’s a bit overrated) should be takaharasuiko‘s performance (yeah, I won’t call it vlogging) via YouTube. She’s DAMN good man!

Aku tak penah siot tengok orang buat gila perform macam tu, tapi menjadik. Serius. No, I’m not saying that she’s the first to do it, NO. Tapi mendepani hakikat seorang gadis Melayu yang duduk entah kat luar negara ceruk mana tapi boleh perform macam artis bertaraf superstar dari ceruk yang sama, adalah agak keterlaluan untuk aku. Dan untuk bagi jadi lebih keterlaluan lagi, bagi aku minah ni boleh pergi lebih jauh dari Yuna. (Hahaha bakar line!)

Vlogging, for me, doesn’t really differ much from Blogging. Seriously. (Though surprisingly, as how Anwar Hadi is good in vlogging, he’s not that good in blogging – sorry bro). But them, vloggers, do get so many extra advantages. One of those is singing. Yeah. They can (I mean, are able to) sing on their vlogs! They can be heard, they can be seen, and their message can be conveyed much clearer. Damn. As for me – all the lyrics I’ve attached at almost each of my entries, which are my most favourites, cud only be read. (Yang mana aku tau, most of you just stopped at the last para of the actual entry kan? Kan? Ngaku dak??!!)




I should start vlogging.

Nope, not those ‘cakap-cakap-bebel-nor berlakon’ kinda vlogging, but takaharasuiko‘s singing style of vlogging performance. Err minus those kitar-semula percussions, I mean. (No I don’t have issues with the Stomp guys nor recycling. Go Green! It’s just that.. err.. nevermind.)




..are you guys with me?



Yes, of course I’m talking to all 5 of you. Durh.



p/s : Aku akan buat. Akan. Bila, jangan tanya.



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