In Greek mythology, Mentor (GreekΜέντωρ / Méntōr; gen.: Μέντορος) was the son of Alcimus or Anchialus. In his old age Mentor was a friend of Odysseus who placed Mentor and Odysseus’ foster-brother Eumaeus in charge of his son Telemachus, and of Odysseus’ palace, when Odysseus left for the Trojan War.

These facts, were directly derived from one of my most favourite websites of late – The Great Wikipedia. Yeah, say what you may, but for me the infos it contains (matters not by whom) are more than sufficient for me to redo my bachelor thesis.

Owh, we won’t be talking about Wiki by the way, but about the term MENTOR itself. Yah, Wiki did tell us a chunk of story of its origin, but you and I might be sharing a same whole different concept.


Mentor, can be regarded as our icon, our example. Milestone. Benchmark. Idol. Yah, idol might be the simplest way to describe it.

It can be anyone – our teacher, our parent, our brother or sister, one of our relatives – anyone.

As for me, my mentor is my former boss.

This man.



The name is Zainal Alam Kadir.

Most of us know him as a host. A TV presenter. But for me and many few of my friends, he’s far beyond a host.

To sum it all up, he’s a teacher, a journalist, a writer, a creator, a producer, a singer, an actor, a host. An artist. Without an E.

And he’s a mentor too. My mentor. I would say it very proudly, anytime anywhere. I could go on talking about him for one whole day, if you may let me.


ALAM, as he’s known among us, is my mentor. My boss. For me, one should be cleverer and smarter than me (and of course, than any other staff below him/her). More organized, more proper and wiser in making decisions. YES, ladies.. being a boss IS that hard.

But despite all the hard-to-make characteristics, Alam has fulfilled it all. He’s the smartest, wisest boss I’ve ever worked for. The most knowledgeable man, in fact. For instance, you might have this one piece of info / trivia / fact you’re so familiar about, that you think makes you a bit more genius than others? Try sharing with him that one precious ‘geniusity’ of yours – before you know it, he’ll be elaborating on it to paragraphs, lecturing you back with dozens of other more relevant infos.

Just like what this writer (who’s also in my most list of most respected persons) testified in his blog,

Alam can draw, write, sing, act, host, cook, produce (both albums and TV/movies) and anything else that comes to mind. His Mee Bandung Muar takes 12 hours of preparation – a testament to what kind of a person he is.


NEVERTHELESS, he still lacks of one thing – acknowledgement. People might see somebody else as the country’s best tv host; but for us, he is. Why? Because while other personalities might be needing scripts or scriptwriters to feed them with notes and pointers, Alam writes as he speaks. He creates as he talks. He delivers as he presents.

Yet, he’s still pretty much underrated.

Why again? That, I’d have to ask you, the Malaysian audience.


All in all,

Happy BELATED Birthday, Boss.



Di sini ku berada
di sini ku tetap jua
dari dulu kumenanti..

Dari mula dan kini
mimpiku impianku
harapan dan keinginanku
membara selalu..

Tak dapatkah kau merasakannya
kehangatan dan sucinya
cinta ini..

Agak sukar bagiku
untuk meluahkannya
dari dulu kumenanti
dari mula dan kini..

Bukan itu bukan ini
hanya engkau sentiasa di hati
bukan itu bukan ini
yang kuingin hanya segalanya
dirimu kasih..

Apalah ada pada diri ini
tanpamu berada di sisi
segalanya sunyi dan sepi..

Apalah ada pada hidup ini
jika dunia jika semuanya
tanpa kehadiranmu..

Bukan itu bukan ini
hanya engkau sentiasa di hati
bukan itu bukan ini
yang kuingin hanya segalanya
dirimu kasih…

..credits to zainal alam kadir.


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