• 15 years ago, today; was the day when Abah said “THANK YOU” to me, when he was actually supposed to say “CONGRATS” instead.
  • This was the exam which made me cry on my last day of primary school.
  • This was the very exam which had thrown me to Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mohamad Jiwa, few weeks later.
  • This was the exam that proved even a music-crazed playful fat boy can make it in big exams
  • And this was the exam who finally kicked me out of home, only to come back 10 years later!


Today, one ANAK BUAH of mine, one ANAK BUAH orang, and one ANAK ORANG are few of tens of thou’s who have gone thru the same trail. However, the former didn’t get the chance to go thru the same feel as I did, 15 years ago, today.

Nevermind, my favourite. There are still PMR, SPM and many other big exams. Maybe there’s a silver lining behind this cloudy cumulonimbus.

Well, if that doesn’t help, let me tell you a story.. about that music-crazed fatboy, who scored in his UPSR. He went on with the same passion and craze (to music, of course!), yet still managed to score in PMR. Yupp, the very same shit. All A’s yo!

But it took him another two years to understand that the magic-auto-cushion that had been furnished to him since UPSR, was actually worthless without struggling and studying. the ABDC charms on the OMR forms just won’t work on his SPM result slip. (Read this rant of mine, in case you’re still unsure.)

And the phrasethree times a charm” is actually for those who fail first, before winning.



p/s : Congrats (yes my darlings, it DOESN’T come with any E), Ayish and Nayli. Bersedialah untuk ucapkan SELAMAT TINGGAL pada Ibu, Mama, Along, Leela, Shaqir, REPUBLIC OF BK, KULIM, MINAT bla bla bla.. bla bla bla.. bla bla bla…



Di sinilah tempat kubermula
menimba ilmu milik Yang Esa
buat bekalan dunia
akhirat jua tidak dilupa..

Kedengaran sayup berkumandang
suara anak anak wawasan
akan kami buktikan
kecemerlangan dan kejayaan..

Bersatu hati suara
tercipta sumbangsih irama
renungan buat semua
tanda ingatan nan mesra..

Salam yang teristimewa
buat temanku semua
penuhkan ilmu di dada
hidupmu bakal sejahtera..

Sekalung budimu guru
menyampaikan wadah ilmu
akan kukenang selalu
jadi panduan hidupku..

Bersama kita jayakan
satu wawasan pendidikan
untuk agama dan bangsa
berbakti pada negara..

Terima kasih kami ucapkan
pada guru teman seperjuangan
moga kan diberkati
jasa dan bakti kekal abadi..

Moga kan diberkati
jasa dan bakti
kekal abadi…

..credits to soutul jihad, assautunnida’, sautul awana & w.u.f.i.


6 thoughts on “UPSR

  1. Hahahhaa. I was laughing out loud as i read line by line. Confused. Aku tgh baca entry sendiri ka? Ekekeke. But then, ‘failing’ SPM is one of the best thing ever happen in my life. Or else, i might be still believing in ‘i-am-genius-and-i-dont-need-to-study-hard’. 🙂

  2. I can see you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your info will likely be very interesting for me.. Thanks for all your aid and wishing you all of the success.

    • Komen jenih ni yang buat manusia rasa lebih hebat dari Tuhan ni, hang tau dak? (Sorry – mood ADB tengah strong ni.. takleh ilang gi buat masa ni)

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